Perma-Shine, Often imitated but never duplicated!

Perma-Shine is a treatment that is designed for your vehicle's finish. It protects against UV rays and premature aging. This treatment preserves the original luster and color of the vehicle and penetrates into the paint thoroughly. A unique patented process, guaranteed and covered by insurance companies.

This is THE long-term treatment to protect your new acquisition. Often imitated but never duplicated!

Only a Perma-Shine franchise may issue written 6 year guarantee. The only thing you need to do is to wash your car.

Beware of imitations!

A treatment that is proven for 40 years!

Do you want to become a dealer in Europe please contact:


Perma-Shine Norge AS

Box 40

N-1581 Rygge


Tel +47 69 23 36 10